Black Lives Matter




We’ve witnessed the public execution of George Floyd, and have suffered immense emotional trauma with the rest of the world.

The pain that we feel is for George Floyd, in his final moments, and the grief that his family is living with now. The pain is for every human being who has been terrorized or discriminated against because of the color of their skin. The pain is for a world that isn’t what we want it to be, and never has been, and, unfortunately, may never be in our lifetime.

This pain is appropriately being expressed through an eruption of anger and frustration in the United States and around the world.

The execution of George Floyd isn’t an isolated incident, as we all know. This execution is yet another example in the long history of violence against innocent people who want nothing more than to live their lives peacefully as everybody else does.

Clearly, these public executions will continue unless the vast majority takes a stand to defend African-Americans who are continually being targeted by racists and have been brutally victimized for centuries.

A peaceful coexistence should not be a privilege; it is the birthright of every human being. 

For many, the hope is that this horrible, racist culture, which poisons our society, is forever met with swift and severe justice.

Through non-violent demonstrations, people are bringing the world to a grinding halt. The hope is that these demonstrations will force those who create and enforce laws that have, in the past, granted impunity to monsters, to instead enforce laws that will protect innocent people.

If the disruption is so severe as to halt the world, those who govern our society will realize that the only way forward is through action. The demand is for the respect of the fundamental human rights of every living person, without exception, and for the severe punishment of those who choose to ignore those rights. 

We have nearly 200 songs available here, and you’re welcome to all of them. 100% of your minimum $5.00 contribution will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative and The Bail Project. We will distribute the contributions equally between the two organizations to help bail out those arrested during the protests, and to support a longer-term goal of equal rights for all.

We’ve set the minimum low so everybody can contribute. PLEASE DONATE MORE IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT.

We must not allow ourselves to look the other way while innocent Americans plead for help. Racism belongs to an old world that was wrong in every way. Please, join us and help protect the innocent in this small but earnest attempt to effect change.

We encourage other artists to do the same as us. Our cultural contribution is music, and perhaps this is another way to do something positive with it. Let’s try.

If everybody took concrete action, a forward step toward equality — if everybody did it, wouldn’t that be a significant step forward? We think so, and we hope you do too. Please, contribute and give as much as you can.


Never give up. We love you. We’re with you.

In solidarity,

Bobby Harlow & John Krautner

The Go / Conspiracy Of Owls

Download Contents:

Bobby Harlow – A Subtle Scare (1993)
The GO – Whatcha Doin’ (1999)
The GO – The GO (2003)
The GO – Howl On The Haunted Beat You Ride (2007)
The GO – Tracking The Trail Of The Haunted Beat (2008)
Conspiracy Of Owls – Conspiracy Of Owls (2010)
The GO – Boxset (2012)
The GO – FIESTA (2013)
The GO – Singles, Jingles, & EPs (2013)
John Krautner – Fun With Gum Vol.1 (2015)